The project is initiated through the adhesion of stakeholders from the technology, education and innovation sectors: Campus O2, Environment Park and San Valero Foundation with headquarters in Austria, Italy and Spain, respectively.

Together with the collaboration of different companies, associations, training centres, chambers of commerce and universitiesfrom the different countries involved in this project, a projection of the new labour market has been carried out, paying special attention to the difficulties and training needs demanded by the new professional profiles.

The membership of the Multilevel Hybrid Learning Community of more than 100 companies and institutions has enabled the design of a new diagnostic methodology and process shared with the business world to generate new training models. A company + university alliance that combines studies vocational training with Expert university specialization courses thus achieving multilevel through the agile updating of content required by the labor market and allowing students to obtain a degree as their own university degree through own university degrees of expert or specialization level, with a modular reference framework at EU level from 18 to 36 ECTS, extendable to 60 ECTS if the degree and specialization level requires it.

This new model of agile curriculum design seeks to complement and update vocational training in order to adapt it to new labour demands. It alsopromotes a “blended and multidisciplinary learning based on open project work and online training”. A flexible development designed so that it can be applied in vocational training centres, companies and universities depending on market demand or employment needs and including professional development. The didactic modality combines “tailor-made” training criteria (distance, face-to-face or blended learning) and is flexible depending on the place where the expert training is given or received (training centre, university, home or company). It includes actions to support gender equity in STEM areas and the design of flexible and adapted tools for access to technical training for people with reduced mobility.

Linked to cybersecurity and new encryption technology, generating new professional profiles. Incorporation of mainstreaming in standard processes and inter-qualification gateways.

Expert Course in Big Data and Energy Efficiency in Industries and Buildings

BIG DATA applied to energy efficiency in industry and buildings.

It responds to the great demand for employment linked to the interconnected industry, multimodal methodology (e-learning and face-to-face).