JOIN TO THE MULTILEVEL HYBRID LEARNING Innovative model of International Higher Education that is strengthened with the partnership of the Company and the University MULTILEVEL HYBRID LEARNING

What is Multilevel Hybrid Learning?

This international project was born as a response to the rapid technological evolution and the new digital transformation that is generating a gap between demand and supply in the labor market, which will intensify progressively with the need for new emerging professional profiles in the so-called “4th industrial revolution”.

Multilevel Hybrid Learning encourages people to acquire and develop key skills and competencies to boost employability in new specialties and professional profiles associated with the profound and rapid transformation of the labor market.

It has the participation of the Company and the University as key elements for the professional development of people.

An innovative model that boosts the training acquired in Vocational Training with the acquisition of new university skills adapted to the emerging profiles needed by the company.



Promote mechanisms for permanent curricular updating through new agile and flexible learning models and explore other on-demand training approaches that combine different levels of expert qualifications of a hybrid nature:

Main objectives, what do we want to achieve?

Validation of a new agile and flexible learning model focused on covering professional specialization demands not covered by the formal vocational training curriculum.

Innovation in the specialized qualification approach, combining vocational training + university (18-36 ECTS) + company, thus responding to new emerging professional profiles of growing demand.

Development of multilevel expert content with its own university degree (18-36 ECTS) of specialization in subjects not covered by current vocational training curricula, designed and delivered in collaboration with the company.

join the hybrid learning community If as a company or association you are interested in participating in this international project, we invite you to contact us and we will send you detailed information so that you can evaluate your participation.

An opportunity to participate in a new training model where the Company and the University are very present with the objective of adapting the professional profiles to the needs of the labor market covering the new positions that are now required in the industry and the company.



Since 1953 (almost 70 years ago), the San Valero Foundation has been a pioneer in the promotion of Vocational Training (classroom, blended and dual) through the use of didactic resources and innovative methodologies and tailor-made specialized courses, in close collaboration with international companies such as BOSCH/SIEMENS Spain. The Employment Office of the Autonomous Community of Aragon (INAEM) authorized San Valero to offer a wide range of professional technical branches.

Continuous and occupational training center with more than 500 collaboration agreements with companies and approved by the INAEM in a wide range of technical professional families, focusing on students and helping this educational group to be in a continuous process of innovation.

Founder of the San Valero Educational Group, it includes, in addition to the vocational training centers, an Open Studies Center with a wide training catalog and the San Jorge University, the first and only private university in Aragon. This facilitates the implementation of prospective actions in a broad educational spectrum and geographically scalable (local, regional, national and international) and the implementation of measures for new expert courses in VET and HED degrees hand in hand with the business world.



CAMPUS 02 is a University of Applied Sciences with strong connections to the economy of the Styria region in Austria. It is headed by the Rector and the Board of Trustees. It has 129 employees (95 technical vocational training) among 5 faculties and administration services. Its educational focus lies in expert training at the academic level of working professionals. 80% of CAMPUS 02 students work in companies in the Styrian region at the same time as studying. They are future academic specialists and industry management personnel. All degree programs focus on key areas of business success.


Environment Park is a semi-public entity that serves both companies and public organizations in the field of innovation and the environment. It operates in the specific sectors of energy efficiency and renewable energies, green buildings, green chemistry and clean technologies. The organization works in the field of European, national and regional projects.