It will provide experts to teaching and projects applicable to real work

Sesé Group today signed an agreement with the Grupo San Valero by which adheres to the Vocational Training Chair ++, a model promoted by the educational group, which aims to value Vocational Training through active collaboration in the teaching field with the support and involvement of leading Aragonese companies. Ana Sesé Asensio, CEO of Grupo Sesé and president of Fundación Sesé, has signed this agreement together with the CEO of Grupo San Valero, César Romero Tierno. Also present were Teresa Díaz, from the Grupo Sesé Talent and Culture team, and Raúl Millán Labarta, director of companies and institutions at Grupo San Valero, along with those responsible for the educational center. In this way, Grupo Sesé will participate in the academic development of Vocational Training: it will pose challenges, assignments and projects for students with results applicable to real work and will contribute with the presence of experts in the classroom and with student mentoring. Grupo Sesé is a Spanish global logistics solutions company that is growing in a very sustainable way.

Through an enthusiastic team of more than 10,000 people, backed by technology and innovation, it supports Fortune 500 companies in 20 countries.

In just 50 years, it has evolved from a small trucking company to a global provider of high-tech logistics solutions and services. People are your best asset combined professionalism and motivation. It has people of 27 different nationalities located in 20 countries, and maintains a commitment to protecting the human rights of its workers, as well as to all those areas in which we can have influence as suppliers and customers.

The “FP ++ Philosophy” It is a pioneering model in Aragon that was installed by Grupo San Valero in 2017 and that is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) number 4 (Quality Education) and number 17 (Alliances to achieve goals), established by the United Nations to through the 2030 Agenda.

The FP++ Professional Chair proposes a training model with two bonuses, Company and University. With the support of companies, through an economic endowment, a scholarship pool is created to provide students with access to training, research and employment.

The first of the bonuses of this FP+ is the company. The involvement of the business sector in the new Vocational Training plays a fundamental role. The centers of the educational group have signed agreements with numerous companies with some of which it develops Dual Vocational and Educational Training programmes.

The other plus of this differential FP is the University. The fact that San Jorge University belongs to the educational group empowers the San Valero and CPA Salduie centers to be able to incorporate university support to their teachings. Thus, the validation of credits is possible if the student wishes to continue their educational itinerary towards university. In addition, it provides method and university quality to its teaching, as well as added value through its own degrees.

In this sense, Grupo San Valero is the only educational entity that brings together Vocational Training and University and companies are joining this initiative. Thus, Centro San Valero and CPA Salduie integrate these two exclusive differentiating elements into their VET teaching.



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